Make a donation get a martini half off!!

Make a donation get a martini half off!!

Make a donation get a martini half off!!

Ok so that’s not entirely true!! Monday December 15, 2008 my friend and co-worker Amber, her husband and I host a fundraiser at Café Felix in Ann Arbor to raise for Gleaners and to gather clothing and blankets for the homeless.

The event is planned on Monday at that café because that IS there half off Martini night..and Amber really likes to go there because of that and I like any discount and well I got stupid faced there with her one night, even broke glasses and could not drive myself home! (mental note I can not keep up with Amber!) I only allowed myself one on Monday and I have no idea what I would have picked from their crazy menu but lucky for me I did not have to as Andres picked one out for me-chocolate!!! mmm and boy was it strong, I went to ginger ale right after!

I got there late after a filling dinner with Andres at Zingerman’s, his treat, thank you! But we were late because I had NO parking karma that night, it took me over a half and hour to find a spot! And I had had had to spot at the chocolatier on the way to get a treat!!

By time we got there the place was pumpin! And there were about a dozen people in the back area reserved for us to have tables and set up for people to donate and fill out paperwork for monetary donations. Amber was a little nervous cuz I was late and cuz this was her first event like this..and she did reason to be nervous at all, hello she is a power house!

It was a great night! I got to see some people I had not seen in awhile; old co-workers, current co-workers, a crazy romanian, I got to network and meet some really nice people! Andres ran into an old instructor and got to met some of the A2 friends I have and get numbers so they can all hang out! Which was all cool!

Amber figures the donation to gleaners will be over a grand, after her and her hubby match 50% which is amazing!! Both for the donations and the match!!

We got so many bags of clothes that my jeep was filled to the gills and Amber will have to make like 3 trips from A2 to bring them all to Detroit!!

We plan to bring all the stuff to work and sort it all out cuz I really need to know what we have so I can quickly locate a bag say full of mens jackets, shoes or whatever is most needed for a specific person! Must do that this week!!

So its Tuesday night now and I still don’t have any size 11 shoes or boots so I think I will stop at Value Village on my way to work and get a pair to take back to the shack and give to the man whose name I am going to learn to pronounce.

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