January 4, 2009

January 4, 2009

Sunday I was meeting up with two different people for two totally different engagements at Avalon in the morning. Upon getting there I saw two men sitting outside, mind it was not too cold nor was it wet outside, but I thought still kinda out to be sitting outside and at first glance I could not tell if they were homeless or not.

As I walked by there was only one there as the other had walked away and that man asked me kindly if I could spare some change on my way out. I turned to him and asked if he needed any clothes. He said yes and asked if I had any! I told him I had some just for him!

We went to the back of my jeep which for some odd reason I had backed into the spot, which was very good for what I was about to do. So I opened it up and I knew I had a brand new bag of items given to me just the night before at Fire Dome by Mary Jane and Amaretto!

As I am opening this big garbage bag at first all is see is pink and think “oh shit” and then as I ask him what size he is I pick through the bag and as he tells me ‘Extra large’ just as I pull out this awesome big black winter coat, Carhart feeling, sized what? Extra Large!! “Score! “ I yell as I hand it to him and dive back into the bag for more goodies.

I ask him if he is living on the streets or staying in shelters he tells me on the streets as I pull out a rolled up stadium blanket that even has a handle to carry it! I tell him this is his lucky day. And as I turn to hand it to him he already has the jacket on over the one he already was wearing! He is very thankful. I even found a pair of gloves in the bag and help him put them on and wrap a scraf around his neck! I asked him his name it was Sydney and I told him mine!

I ask him if he needs any sweaters but he said no that with the extra coat he would be ok. We said our goodbyes and he walked away then I covered up the items in the back of my jeep to make them less noticeable to anyone thinking of breaking in. As I walk to the door of Avalon Sydney is back on the bench and turn and go back and ask him if he would like a cup of coffee. He tells me he doesn’t like coffee and I told him ‘me neither!’ and he thanked me again!

Thank you MJ and Amaretto!

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