January 11, 2009

Catching up on old blogs- 01-11-09

i was very sick during much of the month of the month of January..

so i will be posting a bunch of blogs over the next few days based on the notes i have taken when i am been on the streets.

January 11, 2009

I had forgot to mention an encounter from the 11th of January. I saw her on the way to Henry Ford Hospital when i was going there with Stephan and Albert…Stephan having frost bite. i asked them if they minded that I could go see her and Stephan told me he had no choice in the matter and i told him he has every as i was taking him to the hospital for his condition, he told me he would not stop me from helping anyone and that God needed to help her too and you heard Albert pipe up from the back seat. “I think God is about to do exactly that” So with there blessings i swung the jeep around heading back east away from the direction of the hospital to pull up at the light to meet this woman. I asked her if she was hungry and she was. i put the hazards on as i hopped out of the jeep and opened the side door to get her food…it was then i noticed she did not have anything more than a plastic bad so i asked if she wanted a back pack, she did!!!! i got her one and filled it with food and asked if she needed any clothing as i pulled out a nice big blue jacket and showed her. She told me she did not as i put the jacket back and then she re-thought her statement and said she thought she could use the jacket, i quickly handed it to her. I asked her if she needed a blanket, she told me yes and we put it with the food in her new bag! I asked her name, She told me it was Bonnie and i told her mine! We said our good byes and that is when i told the guys to the hospital of which i have already written…i just could not believe i forgot to write about her as she was the first woman i encountered on the streets up to that point, sadly she will not be the last.

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