Some time in January of 2009

Dirty Show and the “Love a Cunt; Titties and Clitties” fundraiser….come get a body print!!

Its that time of year again….. and I will be at the Dirty Show for my third year in a row! and last weekend was a great success!! come by this weekend, and get printed!! we are in the back area through the 10 foot tall vagina…no. i am not joking!

“Titties and Clitties” by the Cunts

“Titties and Clitties” offer you the experience of being the subject of an intimate performance piece where you are the canvas, the medium and the art!

Every woman is a unique and lovely creature just as every breast and cunt is
unique and incredible, therefore each single print made from your body will be a one of a kind impression of the foundation of your femininity.

Some of us produce very abstract results while others are very anatomical but all of them are beautiful!

Come and create a distinct and extraordinary piece of art that speaks of you from the most erotic places on your body.

Love a Cunt

This year I am raising money for the Homeless Pack Back Project…and the new Chapter of Burners without Borders in Detroit

…and a small note on the word CUNT. this is a very derogatory word in our culture and that is Exactly why i use it ….to take away its power. Historically this word was not used to insult women but was considered in some cultures as very positive and i know many women in my circle (love them all!) and beyond who use this word freely to help dissolve the negativity it now has and reclaim the word.

a great read is Cunt: A Declaration of Independence Expanded and Updated Second Edition by Inga Muscio and Betty Dodson

and a great CUNT website written by a dood.

and for fun…i have one i know… Cunt Coloring Book by Tee Corinne

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