January 23, 2009

On January 23, 2009

So now with lined pockets from Mary Jane (amaretto) and TC i went shopping for food to load up my jeep again. I went to Big Lots..and man i am a bargain shopper. I ended up so much food that i did not run out until Feb 11 ( i write this on the 12th) And all of the food i bought were e-z to open; before starting this project i might have thought the new pull tab cans of food were silly, mind you i had never seen them until i started this project (food at health food stores have not caught on yet..and yes i shop at those stores cuz i have a medical condition so dont think to give me shit cuz i am shopping at Big Lots for the Homeless. i am getting volume and no prep food…and yes its cheaper at Big Lots!!)

so where was i getting over defending my food purchasing habits…I purchased probably a few cases of Starkist tuna in sealed bags, forks, small individual apple sauces, Vienna sausages, Spam-like meat in a can, Cheerios honey crunchy snacks, and and and ..i found a case of hard warmers…the kind you mash with your hands they warm up for like 1 hours…Those are sooo perfect living on the street…and everyone digs them! i got a bunch of other stuff i cant remember now. I also got the contact of the District Manager to see if I can get a volume discount..worth a try even if it is already a mark down store. I am not afraid to ask…or beg if the case may be!

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