January 31, 2009

January 31, 2009

met Wilson in Greek Town gave him some food and he asked me about boots and jeans. AHH these are the two things i will have to stock up on over the summer for next winter for sure!! I also met Sonya Clayton on Monroe in Greek Town she had lost her friend and needed to get on a bus, i told her i had no money but we went through the back of the Jeep and we got her a pair of gloves and a scarf before she was on her way.

I went to Avalon after that and met Sydney but i had little food at this time which i gave him so i asked if he wanted a coffee. He asked if he could instead have a hot cocoa! of Course with whip cream too! And the reason i was there was to met with Tamara as she landed a job in Chicago and moving and had food and hand warmers for me to give out!! i got it from her after getting Sydney his hot cocoa, i looked for him after to give the warmers to but he was gone!

Went to well #10 again to see if Albert was there….again no one was…just small scarps of card board left discarded.

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