February 6 and 7, 2009

February 6 and 7, 2009
Did fund raising at the Dirty Show. Got help the first night from Rosey the Garage Sale Diva, and her faithful side kick Rachel..Shelly and Athena and Felicia for a small while. These lovely ladies helped manned the outside of the both after we got the crowd interesting in what we were doing..and how did we do that??

Well there was a small stage outside my booth that i asked Shelly to get onto and strip…that was such a difficult task for her i can tell you..then i proceeded to demonstrate what “Love a Cunt” does by painting Shelly and then printing her onto a 16×20 canvas to create a unique print of her. Mind you this was not very easy as she would not stop wiggling!! But it turned out fine and not very long after that i was busy and lined up with customers all night long!!!!

Saturday night was much the same …i was busy that night from the moment the Champagne room opened until the event closed at 2am. That night I had Faith and Bacon and Rob and Beth. And again i am thankful to them as well for helping to strum up awesome business!! But the end of that night i was exhausted but happy the event was going so well as i figured with the economy being so tough that the project may not have done well considering. Thankfully i was wrong…of course all the sexy help I had could be the reason!!

Besides a laminated flyer explaining Burner Back Packs to people to so they understood that the money being raised was going toward this homeless project I also had a flyer out for people to better understand what went on behind the closed door! this is what it said;


“Titties and Clitties” offer you the experience of being the subject of a an intimate performance piece where you are the canvas, the medium and the art!

Every woman is a unique and lovely creature just as every breast and cunt is unique and incredible, therefore each print made from your body will be a one of a kind impression of the foundation of your femininity.

Some of us produce very abstract results while others are very anatomical but all of them are beautiful!

Come and create a distinct and extraordinary piece of art that speaks of you from the most erotic places on your body. !!!

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