February 14th, 2009

Final night for Love a Cunt at the Dirty Show

Final night for Love a Cunt at the Dirty Show 2009

The whole experience was amazing (even if i was sick for like 3 weeks afterwards). i met so many great people and had a great time chatting and experiencing the excitement of everyone i painted!

I met two Detroit police officers and had a great chat with one of them. i told her all about my homeless project and asked her if cops are cool with people helping out the homeless…and i told her about getting pulled over by a cop and then ignored by him while he hustled the homeless guy i was talking to, and i told her i have had plenty of cops pull up behind, do what seems like run my plates then drive away. She told me cops are totally ok with what i do!!!!!! YEA!!!!!!!!!!!! i about screamed i was so happy to hear that.. she said it helps the system in a way and is not looked down on at all!! OMG!! that made the whole event worth while right there to find that out..i had had my suspicions but to have it confirmed was great!

then i asked her about where my homeless guys sleep in the heated area and that after the Johnnie Redding story was broke they were gone and if she had any idea as to why. She did not. I told her it was really troubling and had me really worried. She thanked me for what i was doing, i thanked her back.

I also met an really cool couple from Ohio. They were amazing..she was a nurse and he was Information Officer ( i want that title!) for a county down there and he was on the board for designing some big sports stadium…and they were incorporating the homeless into the design…creating space for people to inhabit and i am not joking. i will try to get information on this…How amazing is that!! We talked about design ideas and i gave him some tips i had learned on what was needed! it was amazing!!

NONE of this could have been done without help from my amazing friends!!! i am so grateful and in debt to them for offering up there time and effort to help this event be so successful!! Rosey, Clark, Racheal, Faith, Brick, Athnea, Bacon, Felicia, Dan, Shelley..if i forgot anyone i am so sorry!! Please know that without each and everyone of you i would have been a mind fuck wreck!!! Thank you!!! xoxoxox

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