February 16, 2009

February 16, 2009

I had a huge load of stuff again from Josh Bacon so i headed to NSO …this is btw the best place to go when i am not feeling well enough to hit the streets but have a bunch of stuff i know will be taken. I got there about 5pm and the Salvation Army Truck was there at that time giving out warm drinks.. which was perfect timing as it was cold!! so people were lined up at the jeep and the Sal Val truck across the street. I was running stuff to the people in line like hats and gloves. and giving out clothes to people who needed them as well. Dan was manning the jeep mostly while i ran around to people who either didnt have coats or hats on and asking them if they needed stuff.

Some time while i was running a guy came up to me to ask if i could give him a ride to the northwest side. i told him he would have to ask dan as he was with me and i would not want to bother him if he has plans. The gentleman told me it was dan who told him i was the one to ask! i told him to get in the jeep and wait. He actually helped dan sort gloves while i continued to run around like a maniac.

soon after though we ran out again! i love when that happens and i hate it too as i feel really bad telling people i have nothing to give them. We loaded up in the Jeep and took this man, whose name is Eddie, up Grand River to his place on Hubbel. He was really nice, not homeless but down on his luck and using the services at NSO to help him gain training and hopefully a job!!! He was all about what we were doing and told me he would love to help. He told me about a place called Acres of Hope..which i need to look up and gave he gave me his number so i could call him to help in the future…and i will! Hopefully he wont be surprised if i do!

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