February 17, 2009

February 17, 2009

on the 17th. i took Ambers keys from her and went to her car in the parking lot at work to unload the stuff she has been carrying around for weeks. Holy Moly..a total score!!! The hatch is full, as is the back seat and there are bags of food on the front seat!! Bonus!!!

That night i picked up Dan as i had a ton of stuff and he went with me to NSO. It was insane!! We had so many people at jeep it was like we were drowning. He had the back open with clothes and i had the side open with food. I was handing out stuff left and right, tossing cans over heads to people eyes i could catch knowing they would never get to me before i ran out. This experience was a tad bit overwhelming for a bit…as i was completely surrounded by people like 4 deep cascading around the door and there was this woman yelling that she wanted this and that and this.. and i told her flat out she had to wait her turn. That the man in front of me was before her, she had snuck in from around the side and she told me ” he is big enough he don’t need to eat” and he stepped right down..and i politely told that ‘mam due to his sheer volume he needs to eat more than most of us” and i gave him a bag of food. He thanked me.

I heard my name called at one time and looked up and it was Link and then i saw Joyce too ..i hurled her some canned goods and she caught them!! I meet David, who i had a conversation with about the scar on his neck. He was surprised by my presence and wondered who i was working with ..i told him no one..he asked if i was a blonde angel i told him i didn’t think so. He then went on to tell me about a woman who stopped to help him after he got stabbing the throat and was bleeding on the street. she helped him into her new jag and took him to Receiving Hospital. She was an angel for sure i told him, he agreed.

Not long after i ran out of food and all the candy i had…thank you josh everyone loves candy!! Before we left i wanted to see if i could find Link or Joyce as i had saved some food for them but i could not find them. we drove to see if Manual was home. and there was a filming crew by his place… like a semi with a satelite dish and a dood in a jag and two other filming, one with a camera…and they looked at me like ‘what the fuck you doing here’ and to be honest gave them the same look. At anyone other place on the planet i would have talked to them but i admit i was suspicious of what they were doing there. i pulled my jeep like i always do and got to see Manual, he was home!! and how and about. he told us he was getting ready to do foundation work, i told him i look forward to seeing it.

then on my way home i thought i saw Bonnie at Mack and 75 but it was a new person. His name was Sheldon and i gave him some food too! Then by the incinerator i saw a man with cart and i asked him if was hungry he came over to my jeep and i gave him what i had left which was not much by that time. i told him my name and he said his but i could not understand him…something like Ramber, wrangler… and i didn’t want to insult him by asking him to repeat himself. Bryan was not at Grand Blvd and the service drive when i went by as it was much to late for him, the commuters were gone by this time. …

i was tuckered after this days adventure! thank you Amber and all the people who get stuff to her and who leave stuff on her stoop!!

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