February 19, 2009

Old mother hubbard…. aint got no cupboard.

February 19,

The jeep is Empty….first time in months…like bone dry empty, nary a scrap of fabric or miss matched glove. I feel like Mother Hubbard with nothing in her cupboard.
I got to Avalon before work as i sometimes do cuz i never make time grocery shop and if i don’t have left overs i have to eat or i will pass the fuck out at my desk at work and i have done that like 3 times toooo many this year already! As i get out of the jeep a man actually comes up to me to see if i have anything…ahhhhh! I feel like shit. He actually asks if i have anything and i can not help him out, i felt so bad. Thank god it I knew it would not be too long before Amber or Josh had more goods for me even if i felt bad for not having anything this day. …and which might have actually been a pleasing of sorts as i was getting sicker by the day and really needed to take the rest of the month off from hitting the streets…and i actually did! which actually worked! I swear next year i am getting a really good pair of boots and stellar gloves (that i swear i will try really hard not to give away!!)

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