March 11, 2009

March 11th, 2009

On way to somewhere downtown…maybe yoga at the Detroit Evolution Lab and I ran into a few peeps and gave them food. Went to look for Albert twice that night, no luck. Its neither really cold or wet so I get why he may not be hanging out in the spy guy warm spot. I wonder when the heat ends and when it does will the building pump out cool air!

After doing whatever I was taking Dan home and was driving west on MLK when I saw a dood pushing some woman near the corner of Third. I asked Dan he was cool with me stopping. He was. I then flipped a bitch and crossed traffic and headed right for the pair and pull up to the curb facing on coming traffic.

The dood sees me and stops and starts to talk shit about what is going on. I ignore his ass and ask her if she is ok. She tells me yes and he is still bantering about who knows what, cuz I don’t really give a fuck to be quite honest.

I ask her if she needs a ride, she pauses and then says yes. I tell her to get in. She says she would like a ride to Michigan and 96 past Trumbell over by White Castle. I know exactly where she wants to go but get my ass all confused cuz of what I actually just did. I finally get in the right direction after a few too many wrong turns and then end up on the service drive and see Amir in his wheel chair and I hop out at the light to see if she needs anything. I give him some food and a blanket if I remember correctly. He thanks me and we wish each other well.

I finally get back in the car and dan is carrying on a conversation with our passenger. I joined the talk and I asked her what her name was, her name is Swandolyn. What a neat name! I told her mine.

She directs me to pull over by the ZGally on Michigan Ave which involves another 4 lane bitch flip, there looks like a bunch of semis and trailers are near by, might be her desination. Crazy ass distance from where I picked her up and I say that cuz she told us she had walked from there just a few hours ago. I pull over and I ask if she is needs any food, she told me yes. I get out and start to rummage in the trunk and she asked me if I have any napkins, I search the truck and the car and tell her I am sorry and explain none came with my dinner, which the empty carry was in the back seat. Dan then says to me ‘pooner’ and I am quickly clued in…she don’t want no damn hand towel she needs a sanitary napkin. I am so clueless! I tell her I do not have any feminine products on me but that I will be carrying them very soon! Doh!

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