March 18th , 2009

March 18th , 2009

Driving in Ypsilanti on Washtenaw Ave on the way to Whole Foods to get Earl some treats for his hospital stay. I saw a man on the street with a sign asking for help and wearing a smock with construction orange reflective strips. I had to flip a bitch to help him. I pulled into the wrong driveway but I motioned to him and he followed me. I asked if he needed clothes or food, he said he had enough clothes so I made him a bag of food. I ended up giving him a gynormous bag of almonds that Andreas gave to me that I had planned on dividing up, lucky him! And some other canned food and a bottle of water. I ended up seeing him walking toward Whole Foods when I was leaving sans neon orange smock or his sign or bags of stuff…and he walked in WF! I feel like i need to beg some money to shop there!

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