Friday, March 20th, 2009

Friday, March 20th, 2009 –

I had had a rental car since my jeep accident in the middle of February and it was time to take it back..i had already over extended my contract by a week based a small technicality; they officially never told me to take it back they just only assumed I would. Loop Hole; so I conned the girl to let me keep it until the 20th cuz how could I possibly buy another car without the check she was to issue me on Wednesday the 18th.

So ok its 4pm and I have til 6 to get it back to Enterprise and before I do that I have to unload ALL the clothes I have in the trunk cuz I am still driving around with food and clothes even though the rental is so not conducive to this kind of work.

I decided to head down to NSO on Third cuz I know I can get rid of all of it all once. I called Dan and told him I would be there after so we could go drop off the rental.

I park the car in front and look over and notice the side door is locked. I get out and unlock the trunk and start to unload all the stuff I have to people are around. I remember handing a box of wine to an older gentleman who I did not have food for and who I could smell alcohol on already. Mind you I don’t normally drive around with booze for people but it was left over from the stuff I got from Andreas and I am not even sure it was any good.

I continued to empty the car and was almost done when the man I gave the wine to leaned in and asked if someone was supposed be in my car. I stopped gave him the raised eyebrow look…like what the fuck of course no one is supposed to be in my mother fuckin renta car.

I go over to the passenger side of the car and yup sure enough it has been opened and has been closed just enough to not make noise when who ever opened it closed it but not shut either. I go over and open it and notice my black vinyl will never rip grocery bag that I have been trying really really hard not to give away cuz I spent way too much money on it way before it was hip to take your own bag to the grocer and everyone was making them and selling them for a buck.

I got robbed, mind you aint the first time, usually its by people you know who end up being unethical fucks and would rather not pay you what they owe you and ruin a friendship..friends like that who needs enemies right? but i still got robbed; no guns. no weapons.. but stolen from..and that sucks.

Over on the driver side the door looks exactly the same…i obviously did NOT hit the lock button on the car keep pad when i got out…dumb ass.

In that bag were TWO of the three Klean Kanteens I got that took months to come in and that I was very very attached to. They are really SIGG’s. and my the rest of my lunch was in there. And a bum was a really nice box of High quality chocolates was in the. It was over a pound of chocolate with NO high fructose sugar!..grrrr

I got it mailed to me at work cuz I did some research for a lady who was so happy with me as she had accidently thrown away old newspaper clippings from her sons fathers family and was devastated for having done so. So much so she called me back when he finally got my package of them and she thanked me again, asked for my bosses name and number and my address.

Instead of sharing that box I instead horded it and wanted to share it after ceremony on that Sunday. Grr talk about karma smacking me for being greedy.

Now mind you I was not mad about the bag being stolen especially cause my ugly round embroidered back was still sitting on the seat with three of my journals in it, including the one I wrote all my journeys in about for this homeless project, a work one and another one for other projects I work on. It also had my wallet, and like $150 in cash I had just got out of the bank.

I was though disappointed that it happened with about 40 people standing around and not one of them saying anything while it happened. Sign of the times and aint no one gonna snitch.

I get that times are tough, trust me I do. It just bothered me. People came up and told me they were sorry it happened and asked if I had my wallet and such and some people knew who it was and others just thought it was shameful.

I continued to hand the rest of the clothes out and told Earl, Michael and Richard I would be back on Sunday around 1pm after my bee class with clothes for me.

I went to Dan’s place right after that and dropped my box. I cried my eyes out for like a half hour. I felt so vulnerable and violated, not mad just bummed.

It was in my opinion a gentle nod telling me that I was getting to comfortable doing what I was doing and that I need to get sharp and stay sharp. No one can be trusted and you just have to have street smarts. So I am thankful I was not hurt and that my big ugly purse was not taken.

I got the rental car back in time and that night I went to the Spring Solstice bon fire at the Lab. Brenna showed up and had a trunk full of bags for me that she has had since the last bon fire I went to and meet her at. How cool is that? When she took me to her car she not only had three bags full of clothes but they were labeled; jeans, sweater, sweat shirts! Hello and thank you very much!

so the day ended on so much of a bad note…a good test if anything for me to meditate on and learn from!

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