Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009 –

Meet Kenny again outside of Avalon he was getting change from some guy in a van who had me blocked in. while that guy fumbled and looked for coin I climbed into Mimi and got out a prepackaged chicken meal combo pack that Cooky gave me. He was then nice enough to guide me out as I was parked between two huge SUV’s and could not see shite!, thank you Kenny!

After that I went to Port Huron and on my way back I got off at Cadiuex to run an errand. And must to my surprise there was a guy at the top of the ramp on I94, I was not prepared to see somewhere there so by time I saw him my car was rolling up the ramp so I reached backed and grabbed food sadly the light stayed green and I didn’t want to stop the flow of traffic so I kept going. I felt bad esp since I was going into Grosse Pointe and knew I would not see any more people hanging on corners in need. I did though see more houses for sale than I have ever seen, but no homeless…I’m sure they are not allowed there…shooed to the border of Detroit…move along not allowed here.

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