April 8, 2009

April 8th, 2009

Had dinner with Mr. Josh aka Bacon about his amazing trip to Vancouver. While eating at Marias on Joseph Campau in Hamtown..btw its awesome you should go!

He told me had a bunch more cloths from his co-workers and yet knew I was done taking stuff so wondered what to do. I told him I see UPR post they needed clothes and got word from Jean Wilson who heads the Detroit Chapter that she would take what I had as I still have so much.

I texted her to tell he was coming and he loaded up my stuff in his truck to take to her! Sweet!! So I am almost clothes free. I checked just a bit ago to see what I have left in Mimi and mostly its mens pants!!!! Bonus!! And a bunch of Woodward Dream Cruise shirts…brand new!! And new gloves and hats!! Score…can you tell I never know what I have…its like Christmas every time I open a bag! So after this trunk full I go to food and hygiene packs for the summer.

Josh is going to ask co-workers for toiletries for me! Do you have any? Let me know if so and get them to me..so I can get them to people who need them! Think razors, mini-hotel soaps, shampoos, lotions..come on I know you steal them. Pooners. (tampons), other feminine stuffs…condoms….plastic combs, anything like that! Please and thanks!

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