April 23, 2009


Last Sunday I met up with Hannah, Gypsys sister, at her old place up in Brightmoor! you read that correctly!

and why? well get this she had a ton of and i mean a ton of government issued Department of Justice disaster blankets and i could take as many as i wanted from her.

She also had a ton of clothes and toiletries and all sorts of stuff for a homeless project she used to do with a church.

Sadly i no longer have the jeep, rip, and my car is soo soo tiny so i borrowed Dans car which is not much bigger than Mimi. I did manage to get 63 blanket, all from recycled materials i might add, into his car plus all the toiletries; which were things like razors, soap, toothbrushes, paste, tissue…

it was an awesome score…and i thank you Hannah and Ben for allowing me to get what i could…

I helped them load up the van they were borrowing so they could take the rest of the stuff down to NSO…i hope that went well!

now to get 63 backpacks!!!

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