June 1, 2009

24 Hour Community SPACEWALK – DETROIT



Contact: Warrior Girl
Telephone: 248.885.4530
Website: http://www.spacewalk.org
E-mail: info@spacewalk.org

24 Hour Community SPACEWALK – DETROIT
Area Creatives Utilize Talent to Draw Interest and Give to Detroit

June 1, 2009

DETROIT –This month, Detroit will witness a transformation. The 24 Hour Community Spacewalk transforms the city into a multi-media production, created by talented designers, painters, and builders. It will be performed by actors, dancers, poets, singers and many other artists. Spacewalk is a non-profit group with a vision for a NEW, healthy Detroit, to include such things as art projected on abandoned buildings, thousands of participants, and an unbelievable feast for the homeless, with clothing, showers, shoes, eyeglasses and more all gifted to the needy. A number of area churches will also show support with different types of prayer services, one notable contribution comes from the Church of the Messiah which will hold a Health Fair and prayer service prior to the events. Many other area churches will be holding 24 hour prayer services during this walk.

The event will kick off at noon on June 13th at the Belle Isle Fishing Area with an Opening Ceremony. A highlight of the ceremony is a Nigerian ceremonial performance of collecting messages of felicity for the city from guests. These wishes of abundance, radiance and happiness for Detroit will set the event in motion. At this time guests can also enjoy a unique kite flying display.
Throughout the 24 Hours, Spacewalkers will journey throughout the city on an Odyssey that highlights important monuments and points of interest. They will experience various ideas, and follow the 24 Hour Superhero Soap Opera, “Warrior Girl’s Baffling Bubbling Bailout.”

The primary movement of Spacewalk, after having moved throughout the night, will be complete by 9AM. At that time, food will be served to the homeless, as provided by a number of generous people and organizations local to the Detroit Metro Area.

We need volunteers for preparation, cooking, catering, and food service during the event. We have received a donation for the food budget, and can still use more to truly make this a feast. We have quite a number of people that will already help, we need those who can help prepare and deliver the food.

For those who are looking to do more, after the event, please join in a parade of Prayer from 3-5PM on Sunday, June 14 to begin at Campus Martius.

This event is open to others who are interested in sharing their gifts and talent by joining the group for any portion of this time. Participation from the community to support by viewing the event is also welcome.

There is also a unique call for plein air (open air) artists to join the festivities by painting during the event. For those interested, please contact us in advance so that materials may be purchased for you. All involved artwork will be sold at auction on a subsequent date with a percentage of the proceeds supporting Spacewalk related charities. This group also has an interest in involving Photographers and Videographers. Visit the blog at Spacewalk.org or the Facebook.com group for more information.

For those with an ability to financially contribute to this initiative, proceeds will go toward the cost of a shower trailer to assist the homeless.

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If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview, please call Warrior Girl directly at 248.885.4530 or e-mail her at info@spacewalk.org. General information is also available at Spacewalk.org

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