MONDAY, JULY 06, 2009


DUST & ILLUSIONS; a history of Burning Man


WHAT: Special screenings of “Dust and Illusions” by film maker Olivier Bonin, ( with a preview of the film by Detroit filmmaker and Co-Director of the Detroit Film Centers, Nicole MacDonald “A City to Yourself” (


July 17th 2009. 6:00pm Artist Village -17340 Lahser Rd. Detroit, MI 48219
July 18th 2009. 3:30pm, 5:30pm Artist Village -17340 Lahser Rd. Detroit, MI
July 18th 2009. 10:30pm Theater Bizarre- 967 W State Fair Detroit, MI 48203

(Please note viewing at Theatre Bizarre is outside, bring a chair or blanket to sit on ground.)Buy pre-sale tickets; (and save a few bucks)

WHO: Organized in part by Burners without Borders- Detroit Chapter for the world wide Benefit Without Borders (

About the films:

Dust & Illusions looks at 30 years of history of Burning Man all the way back to the late 1970s deep into the origins of the event. Through 21 interviewees the film presents the philosophies that fueled the creation of the festival, and its evolution from a small gathering of friends to the largest “counter-cultural” event in North America. It offers a new perspective of the meaning of the event, and questions whether its organizers are more concerned about making sure the show is ready when the gate opens or if they still truly engage in building a community and fostering art

A City to Yourself In 1950, when Detroit was the auto production capital of the world, there were 1,849,568 people in the city. Today there are half that many remaining. Everyone’s heard of the crumbling infrastructure that follows a shrinking, post-industrial city like Detroit. But what about the increase in space for outdoor art, less traffic, little gridlock, the return of urban wildlife and green space, and some of the pluses of having a city to yourself?

About Burners without Borders:
Detroit Burners without Borders is an opportunity to help people on our streets ease the discomfort of homelessness. You do not have to give money, instead donate goods, better yet give of yourself and do community service that not only helps others but leads to building stronger community, networking and friendships with people you might not otherwise come in contact.

Contact: Danielle Kaltz

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