November 5, 2009

St. Lads Soup Kitchen – November 5, 2009

St. Lads Soup Kitchen

Started volunteering at St. Lads soup kitchen in Hamtramck last Thursday because I figured if they contacted me to give me all the left over loaves of bread from their weekly kitchen the least I could do was offer to help them.

I had found out through Amber at work that our job actually offers 16 hours of community service a year…BUT no one tells you about it …somehow she learned and told me so of course I jumped on board and since St. Lads had just hit me up .. I filled out my application with there info and asked to have the 16 hours split into 3 hour increments. So I leave work at 1pm covering me from 1 to 4pm when I leave work so I can have 5 Thursdays to be at the church kitchen at 1:30pm to help prep the food. Which they do pretty much all from scratch.

Mind you that was not a great day to start cuz I was an emotional fucking basket case but I told them I would be there and I planned on not letting them down…trying not to let everyone down in my life right! (oh self floggin.)

Well I got there and the lady who contacted me Donna was not going to be there and I was told to ask for Pat. There was a room full of ladies in there 50’s 60’s and 70’s all bustling around preparing food cutting veggies, sorting bread (omg the amount of bread donated by a bakery on Mc Nichols is amazing), cooking soups and hams and pork chops and oi

I was introduced to everyone and promptly forgot every name except the two Pats. And was put to work making I tried to explain to them I do not drink coffee but they had a new machine and no one wanted to learn it….yea.. ok. I asked if people liked it light or strong…and I instantly realized by all the answers I got that no one in this room agrees on anything…and I have a feeling that happens often. A little old lady who kinda reminds me of my maternal grandmother told me to make it so she can see the bottom of the cup..that confused me…what the hell kind of cofffe is that…So as you can guess I made coffee too strong! And Sophie, I did remember her name, gave me a hard time and told me I might not be welcomed back. I was told to ignore she cuz she harasses everyone. I gathered that very quickly and looked forward to seeing how she operates.

I was put to work cutting pies, peeling taters, and a bunch of other stuff I cant recall all the while suffering from a UTI that decided to start on my way walking there and I had no Azo Standard on was in a mess of pain and had to excuse myself like 10 times to the bathroom to either cry or try to pee…tmi..i know -whatever .

The doors opened at 4pm…and the people piled in. we served baked ham, boiled potatoe, salad, soup, bread and pie ..oh and milk…quite a bit of food. And open to anyone who needs a meal not just homeless folks. Most the people were white but you tell they were not recent immigrants nor where they from the eastern block as the poles have a certain look to them from that area. But all were polite and thankful. One guy got out of hand and the priest had to have a talk with him.

Everyone was allowed to take 3 loaves of bread or 2 depending on who you asked. And that is par for the course there I figured out quickly too. One person tells you do something one way and 30 seconds later another is telling your wrong and do it another was confusing to say the least and in my fragile state oh my god..but it was funny too like a Laural and Hardy skit. (part of me wonders why I wrote that and not Abbot and Costello cuz I liked them as a kid and L&H..i disliked the fat guy cuz he was soo mean to the little guy- but I really liked Costello the chubby guy and not Abbot the skinny mean guy..hmm wonder if they changed it up on purpose so as not to seem too much like L&H..or I am thinking about stupid stuff right now for no reason…ok shut up!)

So yea 50+ people came through..all have to sign in before they get food, sometimes they can get two servings. The kitchen is only open til 5:30 used to be 6pm but with it getting dark they changed it. At the end I went to get my rental cuz they had a ton of bread to give me and Pat had taken me into the store room and gave me like 48 cans of chicken of soup. All of which I gave out over the last week and ran out Tuesday, good timing.

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