November 7, 2009

Friday night 11-7-09.. a doozy

That night I was on my way to Union Street for Christophers (not Breedlove) birthday gathering and I dropped off soup and bread to four guys I meet on the street. And then after dinner I ran into Larry the 5gallon bucket drum guy- he is a regular in the Corridor. I told him we meet last winter at Avalon a few times, he remembered me. I told him I had no money but if he would like my leftover I would gladly give them to him..and I tried to remember what I had but completely space..and he was like ‘its all right-it will not go to waste’ I then ran to my rental and got him some canned chicken noodle soup and a loaf of bread.

I remember the first time I saw him a few years ago she scared me to be honest. He has a haggarded face and a mean scrowl and just looks angry. Well fuck he might be right. I am glad though that I have gotten over my fear of him and I really do like the fact he plays though 5gallon buckets even if they are loud as fuck and don’t have a great rhythm..who cares he is at least working at something and giving back in a way if you ask me.

Even later that Friday night…on way home I exit off of I75 at Holbrook and see a cop car pulled over to the left at the light talking to a person who I figure must have been beggin on the corner as its getting more and more regular in the past few weeks. I roll down my window to listen but cant really hear anything. The light turns red but they don’t pull away so I decide to pull in front of them and make a left in hopes that they will pull away, again they don’t. At this time I notice at this time it’s a woman so I want to wait for sure now.
I pull into the Coney, which btw has been celebrating it anniversary for like 3 months now…just take the banner down!..and I pull out the exit back onto Holbrook and wait for the cops to go away…its like 5 minutes before they do and I see this person coming toward me then notice there belongings at the light where they must have been begging. I pull up and flip a bitch and ask if she is hungry. She tells me yes and I hop out and pop the trunk and start to give her soup and bread…then she says to me..’I doubt it but area you going into Hamtramck?”, I tell her yes why..and she asked me for a ride. I ask her where to and just to the 75 service drive and Caniff…exactly the way I go home. I tell her to get in..and guess what…she got in the back seat too. WTF? Safer maybe?

We chat as I drive her. I ask her name, its Cheryl and I tell her mine. She asks if I am married, I swallow hard and tell her no. (a question I got asked a few times at the soup kitchen and like 5 times since over this last week…I never get asked that ? so why now?)
She then asks if I have babies..i look at her and gently shake my head. She tells me she an 8 year old and that she is 49 and she just got them a small place over in the projects on the other side of 75. I tell her I am proud of her and wish her well, she was proud too you could tell. She told me she will be looking out for me and will notice my hair …I told her I will be looking out for her as well…and I will be!

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