Doxie’s BWB Detroit World: Tis’ the Season

December 2, 2012
Yesterday  I went to see the Dossin Great Lakes Museum on Belle Isle with friends as it  was the last day open til May of 2013..they are about to under go much needed renovations..after that on my way to the Detroit Historical Museum which owns the Dossin and just reopened after renovations i was on the I75 service drive just off Jefferson and saw a man and waved and told him sorry I had nothing.. but then I remembered…I did!!

I have been carrying around clothes to give to Thomas by the train tracks but the last tw times I went he has not been there and since I don’t know his size I don’t want to leave the coats, pants or boots I have.

So I thought well this man may need I hit the hazards while stopped at the light and hop out. Jessica and Nick are behind me so I don’t feel bad stopping them as they are following me.

I find some gloves and take them to him…they are really warm and have a secret spy guy zipper to hid things! I give them to him and ask him his shoe size as i run back to the car..he tells me around a 12..I grab the boots I have been carrying around and they are a size perfect…12!  I give them to him and he thanks me and smiles as we both look at his shoes which are a bit rough..he tells me these will come in really handy very soon!.

I tell him my name and i ask him was Lionel! we say our goodbyes and we get back in the car and head to the museum which was a great visit to the new space..I just wish everyone to go!

December 3rd, 2012

This morning on the way to work its foggy and a bit cold but not too cold…then again I am in my car what do I know. as I get off the Lodge I see Kevin at the top of the ramp and I decide to roll my window down to say hello and ask him his shoe size as I have a pair of 10.5 in the back I was planning to give to Mr. Thomas. He tells me 11 and then says the pair..well one he has on is he was just given from someone!! I tell him he is very lucky- he agrees. I ask him how is other foot as it is still in a walking brace..he was hit by a driver back in March and its still not healed..I can not imagine how difficult it must be to heal on the streets.

I ask him what he needs and he tells me socks, underwear and gloves. I ask if he will be here tomorrow morning he tells me yes.. then I decide screw it..get out of your car you know you have at least a pair of gloves. So I pull over and grab the gloves and have a sweatshirt which he wanted and a pair of insulated military pants. He is a size 38 and we could not find a size in the pants other than 48..and these were not 48s..he held them upto himselve and we knew they would fit!!

So yea.. I was glad I could put them to use. He gave me the big awesome smile that Kevin always does and we said goodbye.

I still have the boots and coat and one more pair of gloves in the car, I hope I run into Mr. Thomas before i give them away. I will stop by his location after work tonight to see if he is home.

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