BwB Tele-Salon: July 2012 “Helping the Homeless” with Doxie & Halcyon

BWB salon recording with doxie and Halcyon

The BWB Tele-Salon is an effort to strengthen relationships within the Burning Man & BWB communities.  It is a bi-monthly telephone conference call where BWB Chapters, Civic Leaders, and Community members can both present and listen in to conversations that matter.  Hosted on the second saturday on rotating months, this call focuses on different projects, initiatives, and skills that are useful in community work.  If your interested in speaking at an upcoming Tele-Salon please e-mail:

In July of 2012 Danielle Doxie Kaltz from BWB Detroit along with Hug Nation‘s John Halcyon Styn from San diego tag teamed a BWB Tele-salon to share our stories on how we work with and help the Homeless.

I was floored re-listening to this.. i feel it went well and i am honored to be involved with this community of people who are involved.

Its an interesting talk on how each of our projects formed and have grown and its curious how parallel our experiences are even though we had never talked about them with each other before this call.

We touched on how it makes people feel good, how to do it without having it look like we wanted to draw attention to ourselves- we need to talk about doing good things! How our religious friends connect to this. How no matter who you are it makes you feel better to help. How both of these projects are direct actions initiatives that have a low baseline to entry. How we learned what to offer the homeless by talking to them about Their needs!! How daunting it can be also even when it is rewarding. ..and how socks are like gold on the streets and the interesting fact that we both have used lets just call them ‘red band’ events as fund raisers! And most importantly how much gratitude we each have from the lessons of doing we are doing.

Thank you !

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