Detroit’s 16th Annual Walk Against Homelessness

On Saturday November 14 the Homeless Action Network of Detroit  held the 16th Annual Walk Against Homelessness.

I was invited to go by Kim Weinburger…who I went to high school with but didnt really know as she was a year younger and really really shy. But our paths crossed again this past August when I got a call from Sweden on a Sunday morning. Those are the calls you take cuz you know something is up when you highschool best friend calls you that early making it that late where she i picked up and she told me there was an issue and needed my help. I picked myself up, got ready and went to the task… at that task already on duty was Kim. Having never talked to her we teamed up really well and handled a situation neither of us were equip for…but we did it anyways…cuz that is what you do.

Well that was not to be the last time our paths cross. We found each other on facebook through our mutual friend and learned we had a bit of a shared passion..and that is to help the homeless and others in general.

So when she was doing the walk against homelessness i knew i had to be there to walk with her. I arrived at News Center One on Grand Blvd just west of Woodward and waited for her to show up. While i did i learned about so many programs helping the homeless and its always great to learn about them to share the information on the streets. When Kim arrived we signed up with hundreds of other people to take the walk.

At noon every followed the National Guard Color Corps out of the building and up to Woodward where we all walked on the unusually gorgeous day south to Comerica Park to the church next it that was offering fresh fruits and hot cocoa..its was too hot for hot funny for November.

Central United Methodist Church is located at Woordward on the edge of the Grand Circus Park at 23 East Adams Street. They have a program called The NOAH Project – Networking, Organizing, Advocating for the Homeless.

One of Kims friends who walked with us works there and we talked about BWB helping with one of their week day lunches…and i really hope to do this. Here is a list of some of the things they offer;

Her friend, Shelly, introduced us to wonderful people who work there. and one of them was Papa Smurf and James Harris. this video is about his life and journey to NOAH

This video gives me hope that there are people who can make it out of the cycle of homelessness and learn to survive in a new way.

Thank you Kim, Shelly and James for giving me another reminder to never give up my hope.  – Doxie

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