Big Thanks to the Whole DAMNED Family!!

With much apologies for the delay, we would like to extend our deepest gratitudes to all who supported and came out to Krampus Night II last weekend. With your generosity, we amassed 2.5 55-gallon bags filled with new wonderful toys for Toys for Tots, as well as boxes of cans for Burners without Borders Detroit. Also, through the generous donation of art, merchandise and services, the silent auction generated $312 for BWBD as well!Congratulations to Mike Kelly and his partners for winning the $300 cash prize in the Wreck The Halls display competition! His entry “Silent Night/Hell Night” was truly a “sight” to be seen. @__@ Much thanks to the other entrants (@Luke MacGilvray, Brian Lewandowski, Mosque Teiro, Candy Draper and DVS) for your amazing displays as well!

And much thanks to Eva LifeDaughter OfJoy, Kristin Industrial-Girl andJessica Mary for the amazing decor work in the bar! And thanks to all the merchants that helped liven up the gallery with all your wonderful booths!

And most of all, we again thank you who came out. Krampus Night is a night for giving and having fun and you all made this a true success of the spirit.Please enjoy the photo galleries we have came across so far…

John Wiley


Have a Merry Krampus all!



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