P38 Can Openers Receive Can’t Enter from Local Shelter.

So we found out that NSO (Neighborhood Service Organization), who offer shelter to the homeless, will take away all can openers.  They are sharp and can be used as a weapon, which I should have thought of since the last time I was at the facility off MLK/2nd, I set off the metal detector and all eyes were on me!

When I heard from a friend whose sister is now a volunteer there that they are confiscated before entry I was a bit bummed and actually am tempted to call them to see if they would give them to BWB so we can repurpose them and repack them..why not right!

Even knowing that we still ordered and added the backpacks P-38s which are tiny can openers developed in 1942 issued to military personal to open food rations and used through the 80’s. Not sure what they use now. Not that it matters, as long we can still get these and we can and we order them by the hundreds.

In the past we just put them in the hygiene packs figuring they were small and needed to not get lost in the bags.  This time around, there were several white bags donated, which we labeled “Can Opener” and put one P-38 in each.

I figure since most the folks we give backpacks to do not go into shelters it may not be an issue. Who knows maybe we will phase out of them as many more cans come with the pull tab option….but until then I am happy we have them as they are small and not bulky! – Doxie/BWB Detroit


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