Must give a shout out to Tom Nardone of Prive Co..or more publicly The Detroit Mower Gang 


A few years back Tom made a donation of feminine hygiene supplies which to be honest i had totally missed as a necessity on the streets.

One night as I was driving around saw a man harassing a woman on the streets and it was after dark. I passed. then my conscious got the best of me and I flipped a bitch and drove my car directly toward them on the sidewalk and asked her if she was ok.

He yelled at me and I, of course, was not talking to him and asked her if she was safe or needed a ride, she proceeded to get in my car. I should tell you right now I was NOT alone and had a male passenger. Having another person gave a bigger presence and had he not been there, I most likely would not have stopped.

Once the woman was in the car, I asked her where she wanted to go. She directed me to a place on Michigan Avenue near the Zeitgeist Theater. As she got out I looked to see what I had in the back of the car to give her. While I was looking she asked me if I had any napkins. Totally missing the reference to what she was talking about I offered her paper towels. She repeated herself slower….do you have napkins……

DUR! I finally caught on, thought a bit slowly. I felt bad as I had nothing in my car, but now I carry pooners in my glove box for just such an occasion (those are tampons for you non-Canidian speaking folk)

This year I have no products for women as the supplies I do get go to the Spirit Hope Church as Ms. Geri sees way more women than I do.

Tom’s donation this month was amazing. He gave us boxes and boxes of supplies of “napkins” as well as personal body size baby wipes and pantie liners and some adult diapers! We are so appreciative, during the packing party we had a gang of folks tacking those items to create packs for women. Thanks to Jessica and DVS, as well as Karen Malnar, her sons, Matt and Mark, Maurice, Mary Parrish, her granddaughter Gabriele, and to my Aunt Gail and Mom. Special thanks to Jeff K for driving out to the warehouse to pick all the supplies up!

IMG_1161r IMG_1153r

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