Guilliom Family Foundation: Givers and Givers of More. WOW!

IMG_1074rimage by Marco Marinellli

Yes, we know this is a dated entry but we wanted to give kudos where they are due and the Guilliom Family Foundation deserves just that!

For the last two years BWB Detroit has been the recipient of their generous award and we are very thankful to them for their support. We are honored that they work and dedicate time so we can stick to working on the streets. To have guardian angels such as this family is something we greatly appreciate and do not take for granted. With the donations from the Guilliom Family Foundation we were able to purchase brand new back packs for the project!!! We also purchased socks, can openers, and canned goods to put in the bags. Standardizing the bags make the process of filling and distribution so much easy as it helps streamline the whole experience for the volunteers when we get together to fill the backs. It also means a lot less time hustling for donations and more time on the streets. thank you from the depths of our hearts!

~BWB Detroit

Take a minute, and check out the presentation to the Guilliom Family Foundation here: GFF 11 Presentation 

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