Doxie’s Deductions: Christmas Eve Edition

Christmas Eve 2012

As I was leaving work I took a different way so I could hopefully run into someone near the highway. Here I saw Miss Sharon- she is often in this area..she actually collaborated in the homeless camera project. There I learned she is not homeless which is nice to know but under housed. I gave her a backpack and wished her a merry Christmas, she thanked me. Then when I got in my car I looked ahead to the next light and I saw the homeless guy I always avoid. Hmmmm..what to do. I had been working up courage to stop and talk to him for over a year.

You see this man never looks up, never has a sign. He just sits with his hat over his head, sometimes with sun glasses on and always bundled up. He makes no gestures. Which is the exact opposite of what ever other homeless person its catches me up…and and and he digs holes. Ok I have never see him dig these holes mind you but…his chair is in the hole and there are more than one I assume he digs them. Which adds to my hesitation and wtf about the whole thing.

I have been telling myself to just stop for some time but can’t seem to work up the courage. So as I got back into my car after giving Miss Sharon a gift card I asked her if she knew that I pointed forward. “who Jack? Yea.!” “Is he cool?” I ask..she smiles  big and tells me yes.

Why the hell that was enough for me I don’t know..but it was. I drove up put my hazards on and rolled down my window. “Mister Jack?”  he looked up and I said Miss Sharon told me your this time I am out of the car and I am telling him my name and asking if he wants a backpack. He did. I gather it and give him a gift card too. He is still all bundled up and I can hardly hear him as we talk, but we chat for a bit and I ask him how he is. He tells me he is tired. He has had little sleep the last two nights cuz of the bed bugs in the shelter. And the powder they gave him didn’t do nothing. At this time a woman in a van pulls up and says ‘I wanna help too” we both walk over to her.. I had never seen him stand up before much less move! She fetched a dollar from her person and gave it to him and he thank her then walked away. I asked her name it was Kristin and I told her mine..then a passenger in the car gave me her left over pizza to give to Mr. Jack which I did. He was happy. I tell him I have been intimidated to stop and he told me there was no reason.  He pulled down his scarf and smiled. I smile back. I told him I would be back round soon and looked forward to seeing him. He told me the same.  I drove away in a slight shock to be honest. I hope to help him more now that I got over my fear…thank you Miss Sharon for the help!

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