Shopping for BWB Detroit? YES PLEASE!

On December 8th.. Anthony De La Fuente  arranged a Shopping Day for BWB. We had never done this or thought about it.

here is what he wrote on the facebook invite;

“Lets get together and go shopping for bwb, if you only have $5, $10 its cool it goes a long way at thrift stores if you cant make it but would still love to donate and have us shop for you pm Anthony De La Fuente for more options. every cent will be spent on clothes and or donated to BWB Detroit. We will be starting at the Salvation Army on Michigan Ave at 2pm and going to other stores from there till we decided were done or run out of funds. If you cant meet us there at 2pm call or text me for our current or next location. parking may be limited so carpooling is you best option. i am willing to pick anyone up within 30 minutes of detroit and can be reached at that same number.”

He invited about 100 people to spread the word.

I was not sure I could make it so BWB paypaled him $50 toward the cause. Lucky for me I was able to make it and Anthony and I tore up the Sal Val on Michigan Ave with the help of the resale goddess and lovely Kristin Diven!  I had never been to this resale shop and boy was it different from any i had ever been too..there were these huge boxes all over the store like 4x4x4 filled with items to sort through.

Kristin had asked the manager if she would give us a bulk discount, she was unable to do that but she did direct us to the main boxes that had what we were looking for, scarves and hats. and we filled a huge bag with both!

Anthony and I then went on to 2 other resales shops on on Woodward near New Center area and then to Hamtramck and found a huge amount of hats and scarves. We even had money left over from what I gave him and he collected and we went to the grocery store and bought canned protein.

TOTAL Success!!

Huge thanks to Anthony for stepping up and organizing the project and helping out!

much love to you for your time, effort and good heart we greatly appreciate it.

Doxie – BWB Detroit!


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