BWB Gives Special Thanks to Some Special People

A end of year thank you to so many of the generous people who have helped Burners without Borders throughout 2012.

Big beautiful BWB special 2012 thanks to:

DVS, Joe Ferraro and the whole DAMNED family

Charles and Amy of Atelier Gothique

Guilliom Family Foundation

Rosey Zielkie

Christopher Breedlove


Devin Breen


BWB Chicago

Spirit Hope Church

Pastor Matthew

Miss Geri

Jennie Kay

Faith Shinaver

Eric Miller

Scott Potter
Jessica Zerwas
Avanti Felise Herczeg

Bryan Rice

Mac and Eli

Tere DelaTorre Plascencia

Teal & Purple

DAMNED Devil girlsDiem

BWB Seattle

John Pulbratek.

Ann Annity

Amy Houston Dowd

Jimi Santiago

Anthony De La Fuente

Kristin Diven

Micho Detronik

Kelley Elliott and her uncle the late Dean Ward

The Knitty Gritty of Ferndale for charity knits!

Fay Nielsen

Anthony and Jessica Mary

Ronnie and Stacy Parrish and their triplets- Dameon, Madison and Gabby

Mary Parrish

BP LeGault and son Ben

Abida Blaze

Gina Fillo and her friend Kristen

Miss Kaye Stitches


Karen Malnar

Matt Malnar

Mark Malnar

Maurice Barie

Dianna Lubinski

Shawn Michaels

Mary Anton

Jake Lindquist

Dameon, and his daugther Gabriellle Regep

Allison 19

Hima Rao

Marco Mancenilli

Jeff Kelledes

Weston Sii

Kim Weinberger her daughter Liv


Adam and Sharon Layne and his mom!

Gary Mitchel

Leslie Blackburn


Rachel Logan

Kaleena Kirmizian

Heather Herrera

Meranda Stuart,

Jade Ashekerra,

Josh Bacon,

Rob Berry,

Beth Berry

Kathryn VanValkenburg,

Jessica Rose,

Eva LifeDaughter OfJoy,

Andrea Brassert,

Ann McGaffey

and Kylie Djinn.


oh and to all the names i am sorely forgetting… please know we are so thankful to your one time or continued support. We are all interconnected ..thank you for reminding us of that!

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