Big Thanks to Harry, to Paul, to Chris, to that Miss, and to Him and Her and Oh! That guy too!

Last Thursday I made plans to meet Harry Reisig at Anew LIfe so  i could load I loaded up the car again with backpacks and Harry wanted a bunch himself to take to Yusef Shakur at Urban NetworkI was running late from work and Harry and I were texting and he told me he might have to leave but that he was in alredy in the building as Paul had let him in. I had hoped not the bother Paul especially with Chris out of town and I was pleased when I arrived and he seemed ok with it.  I have keys but I have yet to enter on my own. I just want them to be aware of all the times I am there and I like to see them and to be honest I am afraid I will set off the alarm!!

I was happy by time I got there harry was still there. He already brought up like 25 backpacks from the basement, which is a work out. They are heavy! I helped him get like 20 or 30 more. He took like 15, 5 for him to give out and 10 to take to Yusef.

I needed 5 to take to Peachy, 5 to take to Sissy Bitch, 5 to take to Babs which I was planning to deliver all that night. Oh and 5 to take to Bacon. So that is 20. then I had 5 for keisha and 5 for Aylex.  Those are still in my car as I have yet to get them out,  and I grabbed 5 more for me. So….35 total!

We keep a sheet on the door to keep track of all these supplies. Ok, to be clear, Chris put a sheet on the door to mark who he gives backpacks to so I am not marking each time I take some out as well. It is a simple but effective system.Harry then helped me load my car. He is an angel and he is writing a blog for us too! Double angel!

After that we said our good byes and I hope I thanked him enough.

I then went to see Babs and Ken, and Sissy Bitch and Jess, and Jess R at TB to drop off packs for Bacon and then to Peachys.  It was so great to see folks even if just for 10-15 minutes and get hugs and love and thank them for being involved and getting the packs on the street!

The next day Peachy hit me up to tell me she gave out her first pack to a woman in Chicago and that she was grateful . Most people are i told her and she said it made her feel warm inside to help. i told her we get chemicals released in us when we do good things for others without expecting anything in return! she is another angel on our side!!

much love to everyone giving out packs and helping out.we are so grateful for this.. so far 10 people this year are doing it…and that just humbles me to no end

xoxo ~Doxie

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