Good Luck, Kevin….

Heading to work today I got off the Howard ramp on the Lodge and I saw Kevin at the top of the ramp.

I see him many mornings and he always greets me with the biggest smile and a wave, and I do the same back and really enjoy it too.

This morning I had a bunch of handwarmers and toe warmers and body warmers to give him that had been gifted to BWB, and when i rolled down the window to hand them to him, he was glad to see me for two reasons.

First, he told me the last backpack I gave him, the new one for this year was stolen when he left it at his post and went to use the bathroom at the greyhound station. Boo! So I told him I would give him a new one.  He picked the really good sized camo pack.!

Then he told me he is moving to Georgia Feb 18 or maybe even sooner and he was glad he was able to see me before he left.  I told him I was happy for him and asked how his foot was doing as he was sporting a new cast from the last time I saw him. He told me his foot is getting worse and that the doctor told him the warm climate will be better for him and it. I asked if he had family down that and if that was why he was going, he told me he did.

Then as we were talking a car pulls up and rolls its window down. A guy flashes a badge and its a cop out of uniform asking if im ok. Not if we are ok….or it the whole situation is ok. I look at him and I look at Kevin and I turned back and said “Uh yeah, don’t I look ok?” We were smiling and laughing. Kevin asks him why he didn’t ask if he was ok, and I agree and say he may need help from me. We laugh and laugh and the guy drives off.

Kevin and I then talk about how it was because I am a blond white woman and he is a black man that that white guy stopped. It’s sad, we agreed. Even if he meant well, it’s still prejudice and it is hard to curb it and only by doing what Kevin and I were doing, having a one on one face to face conversation would it put an end to it hopefully one day.

We wondered aloud if I had had a chance to talk to that guy, would he get what we saw and how we saw it or would he be able to see how our connecting to others and interacting can help curb our societal ills.

Since he was moving I asked him if I could a photo of him and he let me and then we hugged and said good bye hoping we would see each other again before he left.

And I really do hope I do!

I wish him the best of luck on the move and healing that foot


“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and conveniences, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”  Martin Luther King


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