Hand Warmers Get Warm Welcome!

I was cruising home one Tuesday recently after work and saw three guys on Lafaytte at 75 just west of Jefferson and realized I had no more backpacks. Well actually I did but only one so it seemed unfair to bring it out, but I did have a ton of hand warmers because recently when I posted to Facebook about a link that they were on sale. We got 5 multi-packs in the mail.

Big thank you to Miss Avanti Herczeg, Miss Tere DelaTorre Plascencia and Scott Potter!!  Please know these have come in handy already do many times especially when I run out of packs. Giving hand warmers and McDonalds gift cards is a great match and people are so thankful for them, and so are we. Thank you for taking the time to help!

Kevin, my morning guy who is always by work says he depends on them to help him through! I gave him a ton last weekend.

This photo is of Chris Jay and Bo. I recognized Chris’s eyes and he told me he used to see me in the mornings, over by where I now see Kevin. I swear he told me his name as Kamal and I asked him why he never corrected me. Whatever. At least he is ok doing well, or at least looking better than the last few times I had seen him when he was looking pretty haggled.

I told them I only had one backpack and it was unfair and they understood but were happy when I gave them the hand warmers and McDonalds gift cards. And they were very thankful. They let me take their photo understanding the reason to do so is to draw more attention to the issue of homelessness to get more people to help!



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