Hatchback Full of Backpacks!

Say that five times fast!

Ok, so maybe you don’t think it is funny, but our friend Gypsy was quite proud of herself for making up a tongue twister! She is silly and silly is great…..but to be serious for a moment…

Yesterday Doxie loaded up just over 35 backpacks at A New Life Prosthetics, thank you Chris and friends (& construction workers working on the building) for helping me do so.

Today 20 backpacks were dropped off to Yusef Shakur at the Urban Network Bookstore and Cyber Cafe at 5740 Grand River, thank you to him and the two gentlemen that helped! They will get  more bags with pink ribbons, those are for women and include everything the green ribbon backs do as well as feminine hygiene products.

Now there is a list of folks who want to help get the rest out on the streets…Bacon, Sammy and Harry..Get ready….you’re next! 


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