A Morning on the Streets of Detroit

Last Wednesday, I went to Avalon bakery as I had a small gift for Ms Bee. She often compliments me on my hats, so I decided to gift her one. As I was walking in, a man was on the stone bench outside half way to Good Wells. He looks at me and sort of yells; “Can you help me out?” in a sort of disinterested manner. Now I admit I am not used to being yelled at especially that early in the morning, but no matter the time I don’t really react well. However, I had gift certificates in my car and some backpacks so I thought I would walk over to him and hand him a gift card and see if he was interested in a backpack. I walked over said hello and asked him he wanted the gift card to McDonalds to get a meal and he just looked at me and rolled his eyes away. So I asked again and no reaction. So I wished him a good day and carried on to give Ms Bee her hat, which she loved.

 Not far from Avalon on the service drive heading toward First Street I saw a small man on the median and I rolled down my window as I rolled up and offered him a gift certificate and asked if he wanted a bag. He said yes, so I hoped out and grabbed one and told him what was in it and asked him he name and told him mine. He said his name was Billy and he is from Memphis, Tennessee.  He came up to see his mother and is hoping to get back soon. I wished him luck. At the next light was a much taller man whose name was Darnell and he was really polite he even thanked me by name, which stood out I guess because I don’t think I had ever noticed that most people don’t.  I was happy to help them both… and I still wish the man at Avalon a good day and hope he gets what he needed. ~doxieImage


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