BWB inventory at Building storage

From Doxie:

Holy Moly!

Last week I put out a call for help to take inventory at our storage space in the Albert Kahn bank building that now houses ANew Life Prosthetics

Dana McCombs came to my rescue and we busted our booties. It was dusty and dirty and we were sweating and got filthy, but  we got the space organized and accounted for and we loaded my car, with the help of Chris Casteel, with 30 more backpacks.

Huge thank you to Dana for her time energy and sweat.  And yes, when I found a box of mini deodorants, we each took one and used it, and we don’t feel bad…..because we smelled something fierce!

29 female backpacks
23 male backpacks
(we will try to get these out before end of April)

So here is our list of items to help us get ready for next year.;

1000 toothbrushes
Medium tote of maxi pads for women
Small box of deodorant and soap (minus two deodorants!) 
Three boxes and three tubs of full socks (I think we are good for a while on socks!)
Small box hotel toiletries
100 ps38 military can openers  (plus 50 more at home)
Large bin of gloves
Two Boxes of tissues
Large bin of hats
Five tubs of hygiene packs 
1/4 full postal tub of hand warmers
2 tiny army green packs
1 case of cereal bars
200 peanut butter packs
13 chap sticks
400 emergency blankets
248 emergency sleeping bags

The day after doing this inventory 7 cases of brand new backpacks showed up at my house. (That’s another 230+ backpacks!)…as
did 200 rain ponchos

Woot! That’s going to help a lot of people!

It is so wonderful having a space to store this stuff, and I just printed off labels to put on all the boxes so they are easy to find next year when we get ready to pack the backpacks!!


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