WOOT….Buying Power Means Volume Discounts!!

From Doxie:

I have spent the last few days spending the money we raised the Dirty Show, did I mention we made just over $3500….YEAH!

I ordered supplies for next years Dirty Show- 80 canvases and more paint and…(drumroll)….

7 cases (35 per case) of brand new high quality backpacks….and…
200 rain ponchos…and…
125 gift certs from McDonalds!

We plan to give them out this summer with cold water!!

So thankful to all the lovely ladies and gents who pimped the booties off this year, and many did so in tiny sequin booty shorts, per the demand of Jessca our resident fashionista!! She is the Dirty show organizer asked if we could dress more “Dirty Show’ish” despite our always being in black and sexy, they wanted to amp it up…..think barechested men and g-strings! I was, of course, terrified and knowing how cold it always is in Berts. She suggested i just tell everyone they had to AMP it up..and they did ..the costumes everyone wore were fun and sexy and more..

Huge thanks for making Vadge Badges, for selling Vadge Badges, for pimping and kindly explaining what LuV a Cunt is and why we do it, for getting women afraid of it to understand it is about supporting them and getting past all the evils we deal with society and know other women do support them, for talking to the drunk girls and gauging which are too drunk to get prints, for making nervous boys understand its foreplay..and for so many other reasons… know your help, dedication and time are the Only reason this projects happens…thank you all so much.

Teal ,  Gretchen, Kim W, Irina,
Liz Lola,  Vic Rosey, Bacon
Jessca, Kathryn ,  Faith, Rabbit,
Athena, Bryan, Rowland,
Tony, Eva Ricky, and her cute boy toy!

i do hope i listed everyone..please know i am dearly sorry if you were overlooked.

Much Love …cunt love to everyone who was part of the experience and got prints done as well!!

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