BWB Detroit Backpacking event… SUCCESS!!!


Yesterday, December 1st was our annual Backpacking Event.

We had planned to pack about 200 backpacks with canned food, can openers (must have those!), hand warmers, peanut butter packs, ponchos, socks, gloves, hats, hygiene products and whatever else we get donated!…which to our surprise included
$5.00 McDonalds gift cards, scarves or fleece neck wraps  and hygiene packs for each backpack.

Well about 2 hours into the event.. over 60 people.. had 225 packed and we ran out of a bunch of food…it was then i remembered a donation in my boot that i was given by someone in the room.. i took it out and counted it.. it was $300. I quickly grabbed 4 folks and sent them to the locally owned general store around the corner..and got $100 more donated by folks in the room and that crew came back with enough funds to 76 more backpacks!!!

…i am still in awe of the day.. here is the post i sent out to the invite after the event..i wish i could name every single person in that room.. because they are all equally important!

wow… what a day… i am so blissed out right now.. Thank you to EVERYONE who made today happen… this was months in the making… from all the fundraisers, to the private donations, to the items collected and given at various the items sent and brought to my home and work. To all the people who showed up early to set up.. to each of you there today to the peeps who stayed late and wrapped up.. i am in deep awe to every person who helps continue make this project happen… Thanks to our amazing host at Anew Life Prosthetics and Orthotics Kim Casteel and Chris Casteel are so gracious to let us use there awesome Albert Kahn building for storage and this event…thanks for the za too!!

Thanks to the peeps who left to get more supplies cuz we RAN OUT!! horrible problem to have .. and why did we run out.. cuz we packed 301 backpacks.
Matthew Ryan Surline Abida Blaze Doug Rutley Arika Stern Tony. sando and others.. Thank you to the very generous donation that saved the day for this to happen and the addition funds to extend our purchases. I do hope the local store owner down the street felt the love!

Thanks to all the pods of people organizing items to get into hygiene and utensil packs. Teal Bruce Skink Need Faith Faya Gretch Armstrong Margaret Roberts Wickenhiser Kimberly Weinberger ,Purple, and Gary my co-worker Audra and her daughter and so many more

Thanks to Adam Layne and Sharon Layne for all the handwarmers and his mom for the playing cards!!

Thanks to everyone who sorted and packed and took every item to the vault and to those folks who took 59 backpacks to pass out on the streets..

Please remember i am always open to taking folks out with me on the streets.and i can also meet you to give you backpacks and gift certs .

oh i wish i could remember and list all of you on this note.. WITHOUT YOU THIS PROJECT CAN NOT HAPPEN>.. please remember that!!

and thank you….if anyone would like to blog about there thoughts or experience with BWB giving packs out or otherwise.. please do so and we would be honored to post your message on our website.

you all touch my heart…thank you for being the reason BWB happens in Detroit!

big love.. lalalala


SOME of the items we have been able to afford with the amazing donations..and my car FILLED to the brim with them!  so much gratitude!


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