Tonight is the night for thank yous.. here is another one!


On Friday November 22nd a group of Burners new and jaded got together for a potluck feast to break bread and raise awareness and donations for BWB Detroit.

 it was perfect evening at the Tangent Gallery were over 70 people gathered and dined, networked, made friends and dined some more.

Thanks to Laura Montoya and her crew of volunteers-they set up the whole event. Thank you to Joe Van Bael for his generous use of the space and did so on his birthday.  To James Jimbo Kester for the wonderful donations from him and his partner. did i mention we received 25 $5.00 gift certs to McDonalds!

Speaking of donations my car was packed full of donations of socks and clothes and food brought by everyone- thank you. We also were gifted $271 in cash which was used directly for the BWB Detroit Backpacking party!

Huge thanks to Chris Casteel and Kim Casteel for taking ALL the leftovers directly to the VOA on Milwaukee that night.. i rested so much more peacefully that night knowing so many folks were going to bed full besides those of us in the room.

I have a feeling that last night was the first of many Friendsgivings that will continue to bring us together and help us build bridges to others. Please bask in the knowledge that while we were sharing a night with friends and making new ones we are doing so much more to help others in our community with direct action to hopefully make a small impact on their lives.

i am blissed and blessed to know each and every one of you.
~danielle…. doxie

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