First day on the streets winter 2013/2014

unnamed-1 Today was my first time with a car full of backpacks after the backpacking party this past Sunday and i took a different way to work to see if I could find some folks in an area around Greektown as i know no one would be out at my work in the late morning..and bingo. i was on Jefferson and saw someone on the service drive headed north.

When i approached i saw two gentlemen in wheel chairs and i hoped out and gave them backpacks and gift cards.. people are so appreciative of the gift cards and i am so thankful that this year we have enough to give out with every backpack!

So yea i totally forgot the names of those two guys.. i need to get back into practice of immediately texting myself names and remembering them.. and as i was trying to do that i heard someone yell at me …..from across 6 lanes and from the opposite corner.. i waved to him to let him know i saw him and i got in my car and flipped around and pulled to him. He told me he was only saying hi to those guys.. i told him that was and asked if he wanted a backpack. He did.. i asked if he minded if i took a photo.. he totally posed and asked me to ask another images to make sure we got the backpack! which i now notice we left the tag on..opps.. proof they are brand new and awesome. but sloppy on my part!  You can see he is holding the gift card  too!!

oh and his name is Mr. Henderson..and he really liked my hair he told me..i blushed.

He told me that when he wins the lottery ( he was by the casino) he was going to help out others like i was doing and give it all back to people in need like himself! I wished him luck and was on my way.

Later in the day Ms Skinny hit me up on Facebook to tell him she gave away her first backpack today as well.. to Cricket!

i would say we are off to a good start!


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