Guest Blogger- Adam Layne

As a child, I was always told by my grandparents that charity is one of the most important things one can do with their time and money. It helps many people on a larger scale than just spoiling myself on a short term basis. It took a while for me to grow up and see it first hand, especially when I started giving to local charities where I could see the people I was helping.

15879_10151374626734101_388756950_nAbout 4 years ago, my wife and I joined on as supporters and volunteers for Burners Without Borders, and saw all that was being done to help the homeless in Detroit. From the art shows we helped to put on such as INK and DAMNED, as well as other projects that were able to give proceeds and canned foods to BWB, it was exciting to watch this local non-profit grow each year. The amount of volunteers grew to help fill backpacks too, and the number of backpacks that could be handed out grew as well (now over 350!). Once we mentioned this project to my mother and grandmother, they agreed to get involved as well. My mother contacted her dentist and local thrift stores, and managed to donate 250 toothbrushes and cases and 2 bags of playing cards, while my 90 year old Nana gave more dental products and a couple backpacks filled with supplies donated from her local Sav-on Drugs.

A couple years back a bunch of us also created the Satori Circus calendar, which had numerous performers and models in metro Detroit posing for this project, and gave more proceeds to BWB from the sales of our calendar. Back(pack) by popular demand, next year we will be rolling out a 24 model Satori calendar, themed 1940’s and shot all around Detroit. We hope this calendar will also bring enough proceeds for the 2014 BWB backpacking party, and help increase the amount of homeless people who can get food, clothing and supplies when they need it the most.

Sincerely, Adam Owen Layne

image of Adam and his lovely wife Sharon at this years backpacking event!


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One Response to Guest Blogger- Adam Layne

  1. I have heard of this charity, and the more I read about it the happier I am to see that so many people from the Detroit art scene are pulling together their resources in such a non-self-serving way. Great job!

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