Mr. David

As recently as late last week the wheelchair of Michael Alston still stood on the median of I75 on Mack a reminder of the loss and unsolved murder of this man, who happened to be homeless.

Every time i passed the chair i would say hi to him and wish him well. To me he will not soon be forgotten.

Today i passed the area and from a block away i noticed the wheelchair was gone. My heart sunk.

Then i noticed a older gentlemen a few feet away in a scooter seat and i decided to go meet him and give him a bag.

Mr. David

Mr. David

I found out his name is Mr. David and he is new to the streets been on them for about four months. He was thankful for the McDonald’s gift card but very pleased for the backpack!. I told him I am on the streets often and will keep an out for him. We wished each other happy holidays then he asked me what my name was.. ahh I forgot!! I told him Danielle and he said that was a nice name.!  He blessed me as i drove away!

If Michael’s chair had to be moved I am pleased at least to have meet a very nice man at a corner he often worked!

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