Mr. Alan, Mr Barney and Mr Fred in Mexican Town

Mr. Alan by Springwells

Mr. Alan by Springwells

We ran into Mr. Alan by the I75 and Springwells ramp. He remembered me and Anthony from last year. He was living under the bridge at that time with a group of folks who look out for each other. He and Mr. Barney are buddies.

They no longer live under the Springwells bridge due to the city coming in with Hazmat and removing everything and destroying everything they had.

Here is a link from September about it.

Mr Alan told me not believe everything i heard about the event. I told him I didn’t and assumed he was referring to this part in the story regarding- “relocation efforts”

Now he lives in an abandoned house nearby.  He thanked us..and helped us notice Barney on the other side of the highway.. smart to work in pairs.  We headed over that soon after that..gave him a backpack and a gift card as well.

After we left that area we were cruising down the service drive and saw a guy traipsing through the snow.. he had a backpack already but Linda gave him a gift card when we pulled beside him. He was very thankful..His name was Mr. Fred,  older white gentlemen with very teeth but eyes that smiled to make up for it!

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