Mr. Mike at I75 near Vernor

We ran into Mr. Mike after saying good bye to Mr. Fred

Mike was seating at the corner with many layers on with a Christmas stocking around his next and a cross.

He told us he has been on the streets for about 8 months. He just got out of the hospital, he is coping with cancer and trying to figure out how to get chemo or radiation. He had a real gentle nature about him.

We gave him some provisions and a gift card and wished him much luck.

Mr. Mike

Mr. Mike

After that we headed over to see if Mr Thomas was about. He lives by the Ambassador Bridge. He was not home but we left him a backpack and a gift card anyways.
I have not seen him since summer but i have left him instant coffee and gloves in the last month. Hope to run into him soon to see if he is doing ok.

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