Ms Joan by 8 and I75

I was on my way to see Faith last weekend i think and i got off at the 8 Mile exit.

Often there are people at all points- entrance and exits ramps in this area.

This time I saw an older woman who I have seen before.. this time i had time to talk as i caught a red light and there was no one behind me rushing me.

Her name is Miss Joan. She has been asking for help on the streets since June of 2013 as she has fallen on hard times. Last year her husband Robert who was only 46 passed away.  She volunteered to me she is only 43. I would have never guessed that.. i imagined her to be about ten years older. Tough living and a reality check for me.

I asked her if she needed anything as i would work to find stuff and then look for her. She told me she lost her house but has an apartment but it has problems..and of course her landlord is not helping out. She has no stove..and the heat doesn’t work. She indicated
it would be really helpful if she could get a Space heater..electric blanket..or a hot plate. She really liked the idea of an electric blanket.. i told i would do my best.

She also informed me that Harry who used to work the North East Corner under the bridge.he was 58 was hit and killed this year. 😦

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