Atelier Gothique 2014..we are so blessed by them!!

This is the post that started off the DAMNED event and the BWB Season! Post by Atelier Gothique!  small bow

As many of you know and so many moreof you don’t know here at Atelier Gothique we have a personal cause. There are agroup of people in which here at AG we like to refer to as our “Glow-StickCousins” the wonderful Detroit Burners.


 I have posted links to the BWOBDfanpage before and asked people to “Fan it” and a few of you did….. I askagain! Its pushing a simple little button that puts a simple little like onyour page…who cares if you are not from Detroit…. It may be seen on your pageby someone who can make a huge difference and you may even be that person sofan the page!. Link above.

Also until they get their website upinfo on BWOBD can be found here (

 For our friends and fans manyof you as a matter of fact most of you are not from metro Detroit, Michigan, oreven the United States but please I still want to reach out to you. Think ofthe people this cause supports as your fellow man, woman, child kind……  

Now because we believe that words withoutaction are just mere hollow words a number of years ago we partnered with our DamnedFamily (  to help support thisbeyond important cause.

Many have asked why? Well verysimple because in our opinion there is not a better exhibition (which is reallya loose term as Damned is exponentially more than an exhibition it is 3 nightsof absolute dark perfection, wonder and awe) of dark art anywhere. It is acoming together of the most talented dark artists in the world, mixed withamazing performances of music, sight and sound as well as the amazing MaskedBall. This is also the 1 and only time during the year that we display theAtelier Gothique Line so if you are able to make this event it is truly a DONOT MISS!

In the past years until 2012, The DamnedDevil Girls would sell raffle tickets at the event and at the stroke of midnighton the last night we would draw the winning ticket. What does the winningticket get you? One of our iconic Detroit Deconstruction Skull Rings© custommade to fit you with your choice of ceramic inlay color. Now we know that thismay not be everyone’s thing maybe you are one of our Fetish Jewelry fans orprefer our less “Dark” and more mainstream pieces! So the winner may pick anyother piece in our line and they will have a $980 retail credit! That can beused for anything at anytime…….

Did we entice you now?

The only thing was that you had to beat Damned ( to get the raffle tickets.Because this cause is so very important and near and dear to both AtelierGothique and Damned we put our heads together to figure out how to make evenmore of an impact. Because the Atelier Gothique Fan Base is so very vast andworldwide we decided that we needed to come up with a solution and we have! Nowjust because you do not live in Detroit or the United States for that matterdoes not mean that you cannot win! And to even entice you more last year’s formerwinners have resided outside of Detroit and won from tickets purchased online!

Even if you say AG I honestly don’t careabout causes but I love your jewelry…. We say well no worries then but you canstill get raffle tickets and the more you buy the greater your chances are ofwinning and will put you in a position to have a wonderful piece of jewelry orone hell of a deposit towards the piece of your dreams!!!!

You can buy once or you can buy on multipledates but it all starts now only one very short month before Damned (

 …. So for all of you that havebeen wanting one of our pieces this is a perfect opportunity for you to jump on!

Online raffle ticket sales will end onThursday, October 30th at 12:00pm EST the opening day of Damned and from thatpoint on raffle tickets will only be available at the Damned Event

***** Here is the link to the raffletickets (*****

What is also important to know is thisWe donate 100% of the ring and 100% of the net proceeds go to the Burners WithoutBorders Detroit Backpack Project. So this is not like all the big huge “Fundraisers”out there or that you see on television where everyone lines their pockets and$0.05 of every $1.00 goes to the charity! We have raised a lot for this but itis never enough!

I apologize for the lack of brevity folksbut this is a very very important cause and for the price of a venti starbuckslatte you can make such a big difference! Please help us achieve our goal of ata minimum doubling what we did last year and tripling would be even better!!!

Again ***** Here is the link to the raffletickets (*****

Remember it matters not where in theworld you live you have a chance to win and more importantly the knowledge of knowingthat you helped a fellow human being in need.

Please help us also spread the word bysharing this posting on your personal and even better yet fan page if you have one.

From the bottoms of our hearts we thankyou for taking the time to read this and thank you in advance for your supportwith this very important cause!


Again for more information on Damnedplease Visit (

 For more information onBurners Without Borders Detroit please Visit (

…and again and last but not least purchaseraffle tickets at (

 On Behalf of the entire AG FamilyI thank You!

Atelier Gothique

More info on the DBWOB Project seebelow

Now what does Detroit Burners WithoutBorders Do?

Well the following are Doxie’s wordsnot ours……

Creating random acts of kindness&service to Detroit Homeless.

1 supply filled backpack @ a time. Alwaysaccepting donations!

As we all know Detroit has been onhard economic times and it’s getting harder. This is a perfect time for grass rootscommunity building. This is when organizing our community to network with otherorganizations in and around Detroit to help those in need is most important.

Detroit Burners without Borders is anopportunity to help others in your area. You do not have to give money (but ifyou do that would be great) which you may not have instead give of yourself andget out and do community service that not only helps others but leads to buildingstronger community, networking and friendships with people you might nototherwise come in contact. 

If we as concerned and proactivecitizens get together to combine forces to volunteer, support and assist otherswe will succeed in not only building a stronger city and community but what wewill accomplish spreading hope to people who will if we are lucky be motivatedto join us in making this city one where we can all be proud to say we arefrom.

 Here is also a link to a notethat was written on one of the packing parties the specific event that ourraffle helps support!….


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