Blog posts from 2013/2014 i never posted

OMG.. i am so bad..i have a bunch of blogs from last year i never posted for some reason.. this post is from when i went out with Aaron Shepard who posted about his experience here Click me

Here is my entry..ashamed of the delay



Mr. John.

Heart Plaza. Drinking for 35 years. Stays by Saint Andrews.


Mr. Eric

Over by Cork Town. Took a Camera.


Mrs. Chris

Snow Man! Rainbow umbrella. Took a camera. Helping her 66 year old sister who was ill. She lost her house. She has an apartment and is not homeless.


Ms. Vikki

Got the hat from Tim.


Mr. Tyrone

Needs more batteries.


Mr. Gordy

Camera. He is 60 years old. He has been on the streets since 1998. In 1976 he got hit by a car so he does not drink. I told him he could get a drink with the $5 he had in the envelope. He said, “I don’t drink!” Danielle said, “You don’t drink water?” He said, “Oh yeah, I drink water!” He got messed up real bad in the car accident in 76. He lost his house in 98 and that is how he ended up in the streets. Of course, he cannot get a job because he does not have a house. He does use the services in the city, but a lot of the services are difficult to obtain. But he does use them because they are helpful when he can get to them. He lives under a bridge.


Mr. James Henderson

58 years old. Been on and off the streets 10 years by his own choice. He doesn’t want to live with anybody and he doesn’t want to live by the rules. I told him he could take pictures of anything he wants. He was like “Anything? Just drinking and doing what I do?” I was like, “Yes actually.” He was like “no you don’t want that.” I told him take whatever he wants. He also indicated that … I told him that we cannot solve homelessness, we are just trying to draw attention to it. He said, “There ain’t no solving homelessness. It’s all inside our heads and our hearts. That is why we drink and do drugs to try to get away from our problems for the time being and then we come back to reality and realize our problems are still here. So that is where the problems need to get solved.” I have met him before. He is super helpful. :laughs: He one time told me “If I win a million dollars I am going to solve all the problems.” I totally remember him. He is gentle of nature.


Mr. Lester

Skinny. He had a stroke about an year ago. His hands are improving his legs are a lot better. About a year ago, about the time he met me, he got a offer from a gentleman to stay in a place that has a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen, and a bathroom. All he has to do is pay 20 dollars a day. Ever since then he has been doing that. He says the weekends are harder to make the money, because there are a lot less people downtown. So as soon he makes that money, he gets out and he gets to that house, which I don’t blame him. So he just has to keep it clean and supply his own food. He says he was living in an abandon apartment building. As long has he had 8 blankets and a bunch of layers of clothes. He knows Mr. Jack – says that Mr. Jack usually comes out around 11 o’ clock. It’s now 11: 41. But we did run into Mr. Jack. I am so glad I got see Mr. Lester and learn his name again. We did give him a camera and we showed him how to use it. I look forward to getting pictures from him.


Aaron Shepherd: So Doxie wanted to know what is the difference between a stakeholder and the customer in the business. The stakeholder is the person who is receiving the services. In her case the homeless people. The customer is the people that she is selling the service too, which is selling the emotional stories to people and that way they can find joy, happiness, and compassion in their giving. So she could even write a book that she could sell to people that would give automatic income to herself and the project. She could sustain her business over the long run, even though she could lose her job. This would prevent fall out in sustainability of the project. If Doxie loses her job then all of her connections fall with her and she can no longer serve the homeless. She could support herself using her social enterprise.


Ms. Stacey.

I didn’t ask her how old she was or were she lived. She has six kids who are in foster care. She gets to see them once a month if she is lucky. She looked about 35, but she must have been older. Her oldest kid is 19 years old. She was looking for some money to give to them. I didn’t have money but I gave her a backpack and a $5 gift card to McDonalds. She indicated there was a McDonalds down the street although two people were found shot in the head there last night so she is a little scared, but she is heading there. She had a real sweet nature.

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