CALL FOR ART!!! “Fantasy” Breaking Borders (2)

***NOTE! The date of this event is for the Call for Art deadline! The actual event will be January 24th, 2015!***

Dare to break the borders of fantasy and reality… Dare to make your dreams spill into the waking world… Dare to travel across the boundaries of your imagination… Let’s break borders together!

How would you portray the world your imagination lives in? How would your reflection appear in your fictional dimension? What does your mystical creature look like? How do you interpret magic and mysticism? How long ago and far away does your creativity reside?

Bring your fantasy world into the blurred reality we call art! Show the world the inside of your dreaming mind! We want to see your fantasy artwork in all forms! Photography, paintings, sculptures, performance, music, and multimedia art! All are welcome and encouraged!

Send your submissions to

Deadline for submissions by December 21st, 2014 at midnight!

Submission Email Must Include:

• Artist’s Legal Name,
• Professional Name, if different.
• Street Address,
• City, State, Postal Code.
• Country (if non-U.S.)
• Telephone contact number.

For each piece of artwork submitted, please include the following:
• Title(s).
• Medium.
• Physical dimensions of piece(s).
• Approximate price range.

Please attach 1 low res photo of each piece of photographic/2d art. You may submit up to 4 photos of any sculpture or 3d art!

There is no limit to how many pieces you may submit, and there is no fee to submit.

Once the art is selected there will be a $10 Registration fee per artist.

Event takes a 20% commission of sold art. Proceeds will go to Burners without Borders Detroit!

Please share! All are welcome to submit!

Deadline to submit is 12/21/14!

Looking forward to seeing YOUR art!.

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