DAMNED 2014- Huge success- mad gratitude!

Thank you to everyone involved… from the patrons, to the volunteers and the performers..this money will go a long way toward helping BWB!!

The Dämnëd Ëxhịbitịøn this year was amazing… so honored to be a part of this community. Anthony Dvs Joseph Ferraro..i am so happy you let me play with you all so many years ago and let me be a part of this family growing and thank you for creating such a great thing for the community. Atelier Gothique and Seraphina Black i am so blessed at your big hearts to help Burners without Borders Detroit. We will do sooooo much with the money you raised for us- OVER $1100!!!.. hug bows to you and ALL the Devil Girls Dekilah Nazari you run a great ship little lady..love to watch you work. Satori Circus..all the words and never enough! Adam Layne..your a gem…all your time and contributions are above and beyond! …i am blissed out for the best DAMNED yet…looking forward to how this will grow in the years to come. much love to all of you..xoxox my heart swells.

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